Bahrain Medical Society -BMS

BMS is the official and authorized medical society in the Kingdom of Bahrain that was found in 1972 and was re-registered in 1992

It represents all physicians working in the kingdom with a total of 1800 active members

The Board of Directors of BMS is elected every two years in a general assembly, last was held in April 2014

Objectives of BMS

Cooperate with all health providing organizations in the Kingdom of Bahrain to the best interest of all physicians and medicine

To maintain professional ethics and standards

To contribute to the development of all medical services and practice

To create job options to all physicians and help they overcome obstacles

Encourage medical research

Communication and cooperation with all international medical societies

Community partnership

To achieve its objectives BMS works through the following

In cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Development

Scientific and educational lectures for members and the public

Issuing a scientific journal and posters related to scientific education and health

Scientific conferences, local and global in Bahrain and participate in conferences outside Bahrain

The establishment of scientific research competitions in medical science

Member activates relations through the establishment of various social activities


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