BMS invites its members to participate in “International Pediatric Congress”

UntitledBahrain Medical Society invites its members to participate in the upcoming International Pediatric  Congress taking place 24-26 November 2016 in Dubai, UAE

The International Pediatric Medical Congress has been designed to address most of the burning issues in the field of pediatrics. The congress will bring together groups of interdisciplinary experts to focus on the practical management and the latest evidence-based clinical data on key challenges faced by paediatricians and the most effective strategies for overcoming these challenges

The congress will feature interactive case-studies, panel discussions, educational workshops, networking sessions and platform presentations on current issues of pediatrics including Pediatrics infectious disease, Gastroenterology and nutrition, Critical Care and Emergencies as well as pediatric cardiology .

!15% discount to the members

:For more information kindly click here

International Paediatric Medical Congress


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